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Medicare Coverage for CGM? Who knows!

At the beginning of the year, there was a lot of news floating around the diabetic communities that Medicare would start providing coverage for continuous glucose monitoring systems. It was a huge day for type 1s because those CGM devices don’t come cheap, and having coverage from Medicare could take a lot of the pressure off families to pay for those expenses out of pocket. Unfortunately, we may have celebrated too soon.

Through the years, there has been a huge push for law makers to make some serious changes in how they handle diabetic supplies and the coverage that’s offered through Medicare. There has been years and years of advocacy by various groups. One of the biggest groups was JDRF, who has been focused on making serious ramifications to their rulings. JDRF was one of the groups that participated in the FDA Advisory Committee meeting that revolved around the Dexcom G5. In this advocacy meeting, there were over 35 patients, and they told their testimonies about how the CGM has changed their lives. They’ve also created two massive petitions which included over 10,000 signatures of people with diabetes and their families. All of this work played a huge role in getting the attention that the subject deserves. Continue Reading

Applying for Retirement

You’ve finally reached that point in your career, where it’s time to enjoy all the years of hard work. It’s put in hours and hours working away, and now you can kick back in retirement. Retirement is one of the most enjoyable times of your time, but it can be confusing making that transition. How… Continue Reading

OPM Warns of Another Scam Targeting Seniors

2017 has brought in one of the largest scams for Medicare applicants in history. Your finances are one of the most important areas of your life, and it’s important that you protected your retirement nest egg from people who would like to steal your hard earned money. It’s important that you’re vigilant about the various… Continue Reading

Alzheimer’s causing Medicare to go Broke?

Alzheimer’s is a devastating medical condition that has not gotten the attention that it deserves. For patients and their family’s it completely changes their lives and every area of their day-to- routines. According to an Alzheimer’s Association report, every 66 seconds, there is another person that’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the United States. According to… Continue Reading

Drug Coverage Denied – Here’s What You Can Do

Medicare Part D is an excellent way to offset the rising cost of prescription drugs. It’s a great way for a Medicare enrollee to get the medications that they need without breaking their bank every month, but every day some people are having their drug coverage denied, and it can be a frustrating process deciding… Continue Reading

Medicare Dropping The Ball on Investigations

As a program, Medicare has a lot of responsibilities on their plates. They handle a lot of different tasks throughout the year to ensure that enrollees are getting the best coverage possible. Regardless of what you think about the quality of your service, nobody can deny that they are working with dozens of different areas,… Continue Reading

Having a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan can be a great way to help in saving money on expensive prescription medications. Oftentimes, the cost of these items make up the largest portion of a senior’s budget – and this can be tough. This is especially the case for those who may be living on… Continue Reading

Government Finding Common Ground To Lower Drug Prices

We all know that drug prices have gotten out of control, but for years,  our government has argued on the best way to lower drug costs. Early in March, Congress thinks that they may have found a way to reduce drug costs. Both sides of the aisle may have found some common ground that could… Continue Reading

Voluntary Early Retirement – What You Need To Know

Voluntary Early Retirement is not something that a lot of people run into when they are getting close to retirement, but it’s important that you understand all of the different decisions that you would face if you happen to be one of the few employees that are given the option for Voluntary Early Retirement. Voluntary… Continue Reading

Medicare Is Making A Big Change To Reduce Identity Theft Risk

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have announced a massive change which could play a significant role in lower the number or identities that are stolen every year. It’s a simple change that should have happened years ago. Next spring, Medicare is going to start sending out cards that will have a randomly beneficiary… Continue Reading

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