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Preventive Care Services Covered by Medicare

Preventive Care Services Covered by Medicare

To live a long healthy life, you have to make great lifestyle choices like eating a balanced diet, get exercise, and be screened for health complications regularly. Being screened for major health complication could mean the difference between a longer healthier life, and a life filled with surgeries and treatments. A high percentage of older Americans are not pursuing the preventive care they should.

For enrollees in Medicare, you can utilize tons of preventive care services and screenings for free every year. Until the Affordable Care Act was passed, Medicare mostly focused on treating illnesses and disease rather than preventing them. Many Medicare beneficiaries don’t know the full extent of covered services they can now receive under Medicare.

Preventive services include several different components of health care. It includes anything from screenings, counseling services, flu shots, and other vaccinations. The majority of these preventive services are free of charge for anyone with Medicare Part B. While not every preventive screening or treatment is covered, the more commonly requested tests are. Some tests are free depending upon eligibility and risk factors.

Diabetes Screening

Diabetes is becoming one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States. Diabetes can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. Anyone enrolled in Medicare Part B can receive two free diabetes screening each if you have some of the risk factors for diabetes. These risk factors include: high blood pressures, obesity, high blood sugar, a family history of diabetes, or you are over the age of 65. Anyone with one or more of these risk factors is encouraged to utilize their two free diabetes screenings every year.

Nutrition Therapy Services

Medicare Part B will pay for 100% of nutrition therapy services. These series include one-on-one counseling with a certified professional or dietician. These meetings will feature an initial nutritional and lifestyle assessment and follow- visits to assess progress in managing your diet and lifestyle changes.

For Medicare to pay for these visits, enrollees must meet one of three particular situations. The first is being diagnosed with diabetes. The other two are having kidney disease or having a kidney transplant in the previous three years. If you meet one of these requirements, you must also get a referral from your doctor to see a nutrition therapy service professional.


The risk for a woman in her 40’s to be diagnosed with breast cancer is 1 in 69. Mammography has decreased the number of breast cancer-related deaths by 33% since 1990.

Women with part B that are older than 40 are eligible, and women between the ages of 35 – 39 are available for one baseline mammogram. Medicare Part B will cover 100% of screening mammograms if the doctor accepts the assignment. If it is a diagnostic mammogram, you’ll pay 20% of the Medicare-approve amount and the Part B deductible.


Part B also covers the full costs of several difference vaccines. Medicare will pay for enrollees to receive flu shots, hepatitis B shots, and pneumococcal shots. As an enrollee, you can receive one free flu shot every flu season (which is recommended for elderly patients). Similarly, Part B enrollees can receive a free pneumococcal shot to prevent illness like pneumonia. For hepatitis B shots, any enrollees that are at high or medium risk can receive a free vaccine.

As a Medicare Part B participant, you are eligible to receive all of these preventive services and many more. Medicare Part B also covers services like HIB screenings, glaucoma test, diabetes self-management training, cardiovascular disease screening, and many more. These services are an important component of comprehensive healthcare that all Medicare enrollees should utilize.

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