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Five Tips for Traveling Cheap as a Retiree

Five Tips for Traveling Cheap as a Retiree

One of the most common hobbies for retirees is to travel. We all have places that we’ve always wanted to go, and retirement is the perfect time to go those places. While just about everyone loves to travel, not everyone can afford to take those dream vacations. Taking a one-week or two-week vacation can be very expensive. With the airplane tickets, gas money, food, hotel costs, and more, traveling can rack up a heavy bill.

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Looking for a nice hotel to stay in? That could cost you hundreds of dollars every night. Instead of staying in a 4-star hotel, and paying a 5-star price, utilize one of the newest waves of traveling tips, Airbnb.

Airbnb, and other sites like it, allow you to search your vacation spot for empty homes or extra rooms that people rent out when they aren’t there. With Airbnb, you can find wonderful rooms for a fraction of the cost of hotels. Not only will you save money, but you’ll get to stay in a unique room with a special touch you wouldn’t have gotten in a hotel room.

Finding a place to stay is easy. Enter the location you want to stay, how many guests you have, and how long you plan on staying. It’s as easy as that. Airbnb will give you several different options based on your criteria.

Spend Those Points!

More than likely you have a credit card that offers airline travel points. While there are probably some restrictions on how/when/where you can use those points, they can easily add up to a free flight somewhere. If you don’t have enough points, there are some easy ways to get extra points. Use your credit cards on things you would be buying anyways, like gas, groceries, or clothing. If you’re going to be buying these things anyways, you might as well get a free flight out of it. Certain stores offer double points or even triple points for specific purchases.

Always Have Your Bags Packed

One of the best ways to save money on traveling is to always be ready to go. Airlines offer excellent discounts for airplanes seats that haven’t been sold; the only problem is the offer these deals days before the flight. So make sure your bags are packed and ready to go 24/7. Last-minute flights can save you hundreds of dollars on your trip.

There are several ways you can get these last-minute deals. You can either continue to check the airline’s website, or use one of the apps to do the checking for you. Apps like Hopper compile last-minute flights based on where you want to go.

Flights aren’t the only thing you should book last minute. Finding last-minute deals on hotels rooms or even entertainment tickets for what you want to do while you’re there. Cruise ships also drastically reduce their ticket prices as they try and feel any empty rooms. You can even save on whole trip packages or all-inclusive trips.

There Is No “Off-Season” For Savings

Depending on where you are going, take your vacation during the “off-season”. For example, if you want to go to Florida or the Bahamas, go during the fall or winter months. Going during the off-season can save you 50% on hotel costs, flights, and even entertainment while you are there. For places like the Bahamas, or any tropical island, even during the winter months, the weather is still nice enough to enjoy.

The off-season is perfect for any couple that loves going on cruises. Cruise companies drastically reduce their fees during the winter months, but you can still enjoy all the fun of a cruise without the expensive rates.

Did Someone Say Road Trip?!

You don’t have to take a flight somewhere to have an incredible vacation. There are an endless amount of locations that you can visit without ever having to get onto a plane. Instead of buying an expensive airplane ticket, fill up the car (or rent one) and start driving! Who knows, you might even find a dream vacation spot in your backyard.

If you want to save money on your road trip, strategically map out your route to find the lowest gas prices. There are several ways to find the cheapest gas, but the best way is to use an app like GasBuddy. GasBuddy can find the cheapest gas near you.

Traveling After Retirement

If you want to travel during retirement, your budget shouldn’t stop you. There are plenty of ways to satisfy that travel desire without breaking your retirement savings account. With a little planning, research, and preparation you will be able to take those dream vacations you’ve always wanted to take.

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