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Massage Has Surprising Benefits For Elderly

A nursing home in Maine is taking an interesting approach to caring for their residents. Their new approach is going to have older Americans scrambling to move to Maine. Avita of Stroudwater, a senior living & housing facility for elderly care is using massage therapy to help keep elderly patients both physically and mentally healthy.… Continue Reading

Pivotal Medicare Program Coming to an End

One of the most important Medicare programs for enrollees could be coming to an end soon thanks to a bill approved by Senate Appropriates Committee, it’s not the full Senate, but it’s a significant step in being approved. One of the most important notes from the budget bill is the State health Insurance Program that… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to spring clean. It’s a lot of hard work cleaning out old stuff and rifling through the dusty junk that you haven’t seen in years. But just like it’s important to spring clean your house, it’s important to spring-clean your finances as well. Budget Your budget is a great place… Continue Reading

Two-Types of Medicare Enrollees

The University of Michigan Medical School has completed a research study that shows interesting findings about the types of Medicare enrollees and how they choose their health coverage. The research group looked at data from Medicare enrollees that have died during the last 14-years (sounds like a great study, right?). The article was originally published… Continue Reading

CMS Proposing New Rule to Hospitals – Follow our Rule, or Get Out

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released a new proposal that could have a huge impact on hospitals. The new rule could hopefully fix something that has been a growing problem in Hospitals across the U.S. The new regulations revolve around antibiotics and the growing problems around them. CMS released a large list… Continue Reading

Reverse Mortgages In Retirement

Reverse mortgages are the hot new topic for those in or around retirement age, but a lot of people don’t fully understand them or the advantages and disadvantages of them. You’ve probably heard people shouting from the rooftops that they are one of the best tools available, while you’ve also heard people telling you they… Continue Reading

Blood Pressure, Why it Matters

How many of us have been to the doctor, and we know what they’re going to say before we actually go, “You need to get your blood pressure down”. High blood pressure is an extremely common problem, especially in the United States. In fact, just about 1 out of every three adults in the United… Continue Reading

Cashing Out Your 401k? Think Again!

The good news is that Americans are saving more in their 401ks that they have been in the past several years. The bad news is the amount of American workers that are cashing out their 401k is growing according to some of the largest financial providers. Cashing out your 401k savings is one of the… Continue Reading

Forced to Retire?

There are a lot of soon-to-be retirees from the ages of 50-60 that find themselves retired before they wanted to be. How did that happen? Well, a lot of corporations see these older employees and see that they cost them more than a younger worker would. Workers over the age of 50 are going to… Continue Reading

Exercise and Alzheimer’s – Walking to Stay Sharp

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for your waistline. Putting on those sneakers and going for a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get your heart pumping and shed a few pounds, but exercise can also be good for your mind as well. A recent study looked at over 70 men… Continue Reading

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