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Enrolling in Medicare If You Live Abroad

For those who live in the United States, enrolling in Medicare can be somewhat simple – at least as far as staying abreast of current information and visiting a local Social Security office if the need should arise. Those who live abroad, however, may have it a bit more difficult. If you live outside of… Continue Reading

Medicare Probably Doesn’t Cover Something You’ll Need

Long-term care is one of the most needed services for Medicare enrollees, but in most cases it is not covered under Medicare plans. 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need some long-term care at some point during their lives. Many Medicare participants are surprised to discover that their coverage will not pay… Continue Reading

Can You Get Income For Life…Guaranteed?

In today’s world, people are living longer lives than they ever have before – and that is a very good thing. It means that they can spend more time in retirement enjoying the things that they love to do such as traveling, playing golf, and even just relaxing. But these longer life spans can also… Continue Reading

Can You Have an Annuity in Your IRA Account?

When investing for retirement, there can be a plethora of different strategies. Certainly, one of the best ways of maximizing your retirement savings – and your retirement income – is to minimize your taxes. Both annuities and IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) have been known for their tax advantages when it comes to retirement savings. Yet,… Continue Reading

How Does A Fixed Indexed Annuity Work?

Throughout the years, there have been many different financial vehicles that have been introduced for the purpose of helping to meet the needs of consumers who require income in retirement. One of the most recent of these is the fixed indexed annuity or FIA. Unlike a regular fixed annuity, the FIA has its growth linked… Continue Reading

How Is Annuity Income Taxed?

For many retirees, the income that is received from an annuity can provide either a nice supplement for additional travel and fun, or it may offer the funds that are needed for filling in an income gap for paying necessary living costs once an employer’s paycheck stops. In any case, annuities have provided many retirees… Continue Reading

Creating Your Own Private Pension Plan with an Annuity

When people think of a pension plan, they may visualize a regular income arriving each and every month. This is something that many retirees were able to count on in the past from their employers in the form of a defined benefit pension. These plans, often referred to only as “pensions,” were offered to retirees… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Annuities

Today, people are living longer than ever before in history. This is great news, yet it can also bring about many challenges – especially as it relates to financial planning, as it means that long-term income must be stretched out for a much longer period of time. What was once just a few short years… Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Annuity Income Payout Stream

Annuities can be an ideal way to secure an ongoing income in retirement. Today, with the near disappearance of defined benefit pension plans, along with a shaky Social Security program, many retirees are unsure where to turn to obtain the income – or the additional income – that they need. Having an annuity that provides… Continue Reading

What Is The Difference Between An Immediate And A Deferred Annuity?

Today, those who are approaching retirement are seeking ways of ensuring that they will have enough income to pay their living expenses – as well as possibly more for other activities such as travel and fun. In the past, those who worked for certain companies were able to rely on defined benefit pension plans for… Continue Reading

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