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Best Places To Retire For Outdoor Activities

Best Places To Retire For Outdoor Activities

You may have spent the last four decades sitting in an office somewhere, but now that you’ve retired, you may want to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe you don’t live in a city that offers enough outdoor adventure for you. Don’t worry, plenty of cities have enough adventure to last a lifetime.

Spending time outside is a great way to get some sunshine, exercise, and overall improve your mood. Now that you’ve put in the work, you should be able to spend as much time outside as you want, but where should you go?

Portland, Oregon

Looking for a wide variety of outdoor things to do in your free time? Portland has just about everything you could want to do in the great outdoors. Everything from white water rafting, biking in the woods, or even snowboarding on Mount Hood. If you’re enjoy going for a run or trying to angle a massive fish, Portland offers plenty of opportunities to do both.

Asheville, North Carolina

Looking for a challenging hike? Always look for new paths to trudge through in the woods? Asheville is you best bet for a retirement dream. Ashville is surrounded by mountains and nature path that can fulfill the needs of any expert hiker. Even if you hike every trail near you, North Carolina is close to thousands of more hiking trails.

Looking for something a little more on the wild side? Go rafting down the Nantahala or zip-line across the canopy of the forest. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t live on the wild side.

Boulder, Colorado

Want to continue your sporty lifestyle in retirement? Outside Magazine named Boulder the number one sports town in America. One of the biggest advantages of Boulder, C.O. is the 300 days of sunshine that they bask in every year.

The city is next to the Rocky Mountains that gives all of your adventures a beautiful scenic view. In Boulder, you can enjoy a nice kayaking trip, a rock-climbing excursion, or mountain through one of the dozens of trails.

Naples, Florida

Maybe the woods and snow aren’t for you. Don’t worry, there are some warmer options you can choose from. Naples, Florida is for the people that enjoy the outdoors, but with more of a sunny beach twist.

If you enjoy going for walks on the beach or deep-sea fishing, Naples should be at the top of your list. Naples offers plenty of fishing spots that you can catch just about any fish your heart desires.

Maybe your idea of outdoors consists of hitting 18 holes before lunch. Look no further than Naples. The city has some of the best golf courses around.

Seattle, Washington

Looking for a booming city setting that you can bike around or go for a nice jog? Seattle offers just that! The city provides plenty of arts and festivals that you can enjoy, but aside from that they still have plenty of fun things to do to fill your sense of outdoor adventure.

You can join the thousands of hikers every year that make the hike to the top of Mount Si. Go for a paddle in your kayak around Lake Washington. Or going skiing on the Silver King. As you can see, Seattle isn’t just a beautiful city, they have enough outdoors for anybody.

Regardless of where you choose to retire, if outdoor living is your goal, make sure that is on your “short list” of factors to consider when looking at your options.


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