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Drug Coverage Denied – Here’s What You Can Do

Drug Coverage Denied – Here’s What You Can Do

Medicare Part D is an excellent way to offset the rising cost of prescription drugs. It’s a great way for a Medicare enrollee to get the medications that they need without breaking their bank every month, but every day some people are having their drug coverage denied, and it can be a frustrating process deciding… Continue Reading

Medicare Dropping The Ball on Investigations

Medicare Dropping The Ball on Investigations

As a program, Medicare has a lot of responsibilities on their plates. They handle a lot of different tasks throughout the year to ensure that enrollees are getting the best coverage possible. Regardless of what you think about the quality of your service, nobody can deny that they are working with dozens of different areas,… Continue Reading

Choosing A Medicare Part D Plan With Extra Help

Having a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan can be a great way to help in saving money on expensive prescription medications. Oftentimes, the cost of these items make up the largest portion of a senior’s budget – and this can be tough. This is especially the case for those who may be living on… Continue Reading